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Derby Parks Volunteering - The Essentials
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For new and seasoned volunteers alike these essential details provide all you need to know about Derby Parks Volunteers (DPV) task days and how to join in with confidence.

DPV is a self-governing group carrying out conservation activities in and around the city of Derby

With significant support from Derby City Council's Parks Department, DPV undertake a wide range activities within Derby's Parks and Green spaces. See the Activities tab for details.

Task Days
Task Days start at 0945hrs and finish circa 1430hrs with a coffee & lunch break around 1100hrs and 1245hrs.

Task Days begin with a Task Leader led briefing on task and safety guidance.

On their first task day, volunteers can relax in the knowledge they will be:-

• Drinks (note Hot water for drinks is provided)
• Snacks & Lunch
• Rubbish bag to remove their rubbish
• Washing facilities for break and lunch times - i.e hand wipes / paper towels
• Hand sanitiser
• Face Mask (if they wish to use one)
• Minimal amount of personal belongings and bag
• Water proof covering for their personal belongings
• Allocated core set of Tools and PPE (not new volunteers)
• Any medication, prescribed or otherwise they require
• Medicines and treatments they require on a risk basis such as pain killers, antihistamines for allergies and stings, insect repellents and skin creams
Health & Safety and Covid-19

Please see the "Volunteer Safe" Tab for details of DPV Covid-19 operating precautions and the basis of volunteering Safety
As part of DPV's Covid-19 precautions each volunteer is required to provide their own:-
• Read, understand and commit to the DPV Health and Safety policy
• Undertake a general tool, task and task day environment briefing
• Complete a registration proforma
• Welcomed
• Fully briefed by the task leader
• Encouraged to join in whatever way they feel most comfortable.
• Provided with all necessary tools and personal protection equipment (PPE).
Prior to getting started however, new volunteers will require to:-
• Wear / bring suitable clothing and footwear for outdoor working
• Be prepared for the likely weather conditions and the time of year.
Volunteers should ensure they:-
Medicines & Treatments
Volunteers should note that they are responsible for providing for their own use:-
• Hard hat,goggles, gloves and waterproof & red gauntlets.
• Lopper
• Bow saw 21inch
• Spare Bow saw blade
Tools & PPE

DPV will provide all necessary tools and PPE for volunteers. As part of the Covid-19 precautions the use of shared common tools is minimised. Regularly attending vlounteers will be issued with a set of core tools and PPE. This includes:-
Volunteers should mark their allocated tools for ease of recognition and prevent cross handling

A Tool Store loan sheet for each volunteer will be generated for tool loan control purposes only

Volunteers will hold this core Tool & PPE set for the duration with responsibility for their cleaning, storing and transportion between task days.