Health and Safety Policy

Each Volunteer has a safety responsibility not only to themselves but also to their fellow volunteers, the task leader, Parks Department employees and the general public.

Safety guidance and instruction will be based upon:-
Safe volunteering allows for the maximum enjoyment from contributing to the conservation of Derby's parks and green spaces.

The following outlines the basis of providing enjoyable but safe Task days

DPV Covid - 19 Operating Precautions

Post the Covid-19 lockdown DPV has taken a pragmatic approach to task days. Core Covid-19 task day disciplines have been maintained, with volunteers being respected in their decisions as to what activities they undertake, recognising the higher risk that close working involves

In respect of Covid-19 Volunteers are required to:-
• On a precautionary basis not attend Task days when a volunteer considers risk of transmission may have arisen in their family or social group.

• On commencement confirm that they and anyone in their household have no Covid -19 symptoms.

• On developing Covid -19 like symptoms, leave the task day, get tested and support NHS Track and Trace.

• Maintain 2 metre social distancing, respecting this need by fellow volunteers

• Wear a mask whenever they feel the need or are requested by fellow volunteers in close working tasks.

• Take every opportunity to undertake hand sanitisation during the Task Day

• Clean shared tools with viralspray before handing to another volunteer and at the end of the task day, ready for transporting.
• The promotion of good safety practices based upon risk assessments

• The provision of task, tools and safety training and information through:
DPV is supportive of the involvement of volunteers with special needs subject to:-
• The volunteer being capable of understanding and following Health & Safety information, guidance and training; or

• They are able to act safely with close supervision from a dedicated professional carer or a competent parent.
DPV Essentials
The full details of DPV's Health & Safety policy is provided to volunteers on their registration, with an electronic copy available in the Members Zone of this website.

The Experience
Volunteer Safe
• An initial Safety briefing on joining DPV.

• Task Day tool box talks to cover task specific risks

• Seasonal Safety briefings
• Appropriate PPE is provided and used

• A First Aid Kit and First Aiders are available, if not: No Task Day

• Training and certificated use of Brush cutters and Chain saws only

• A record of trained and certified volunteers.

• The maintenance of a DPV cadre of First Aid trained volunteers

• Annual maintenance and checks of power tools