Task Days will be based upon volunteers forming the following Bubbles and Working Groups within bubbles:

Tuesday Bubble – Working Group 1 – Task Leader led
Tuesday Bubble – Working Group 2 – Assistant Task leader (volunteer) led
Tuesday Bubble – Working Group 3 - Transition2 (Only) – T2 Led
Wednesday Bubble – Working Group 1 – Task Leader led
Wednesday Bubble – Working group 2 - Assistant Task leader (volunteer) led

Volunteers are required to register for only one Task Day, based upon:
An initial Registration and then monthly
In the event of over registration two reserves will be established for each day
Volunteers will be allocated selected Bubbles with core , known regular attendees having priority
Volunteers will require to commit to support the NHS “Track and Trace” efforts and provide on Registration their name and contact details.
Reserves will have first call on subsequent Registrations
Changes of Bubbles will only be allowed once, if good reason demands, and with a weeks notice i.e. a change in Tues to Weds Bubble will require an eight day gap in attendance
Registration will be via e-mail or phone (where e-mail is not possible)

The details of the Bubble Volunteer population will be sent by e-mail and tabled in the Members Zone
Registration will be administrated by the Chair and Secretary (TBC)
Registration will be a simple set of questions:

1. Name:

2. Which Day do you wish to register for (You can only choose one) Tuesdays or Wednesdays):

3. If you wish to only attend occasionally you may be registered only as a Reserve, if Registration demand for a selected day is high – Are you willing to be a Reserve? If Yes which day: Tuesday or Wednesday

4. For attendance it is necessary to confirm that you will if necessary:

a. Support NHS Track and Trace efforts: Yes / No
b. Self-isolate at home in the event of experiencing Covid-19 symptoms during the task day: Yes / No
c. Commit to and undertake Covid 19 Testing: Yes / No

5. Please provide your telephone contact details for NHS Track and Trace efforts (This is a necessity for attendance):

6. In the event of no telephone number, please provide your address details:

7. Are you COVID-19 clinically vulnerable – if so please summarise? (For task management purposes only)

In establishing Bubbles the Chair’s decision will be carefully made but will be final
Registration requests will be sent out on or about the 21st of the month
The Working Group 2 system will only be possible if a volunteer within that working group is prepared to act as the assistant task leader. The purpose of the assistant Task Lead is to monitor and maintain Covid 19 disciplines within the Bubble
The Assistant Task Leader can change from Task day to Task day
If no volunteers steps forward for the Assistant Task leader role on the day then there will be no Task Day activity for that working group.
Volunteers who are unable to attend a session should advise the Registration Secretary in a timely fashion so that a reserve can be contacted.
Volunteers are to remain in their Bubble during Coffee and Lunch breaks.
Sandra Swarbrook has kindly agreed to act as the Registration Secretary. She can be contacted via email at
Overarching Covid 19 Requirements
All Involved in the preparation and conduct of a Derby Parks Volunteers Task day are to follow Covid 19 disciplines:

Do not attend / leave the Task Day immediately if you become aware of any Covid 19 symptoms , including awareness of any individual who may possibly have Covid-19 symptoms within your household.

Maintain 2 metre social distancing – if not maintained the Task Day is to be suspended

Resist touching your face and sanitise hands before and after using a face mask.

Maintain Working Group discipline – only work and socialise within your Working Group

Volunteers who travel together require to be in the same Working Group

Regular hand sanitisation at the start , end and regular intervals during the Task Day

If a local lockdown is in place the Task Day will be suspended

DPV Covid 19 Requirements
The level of risk to volunteer life and health is so significant that compliance with the Parks Department Covid 19 Risk Assessment is mandatory. If a volunteer wilfully does not comply or follow Task leader guidance on Covid 19 matters that will be asked to leave the Task day and potentially the Bubble for that month.

The benefits of DPV task days are not solely conservation based we the volunteers also benefit from the social and mental effects of group work and being in and close to nature. As such volunteers wishing to be within a bubble do not have to participate physically if they can afford the COVID 19 risk of just joining in.

Volunteers will benefit from the risk assessment work conducted by the Parks Department and your committee but ultimately each individual volunteers will be supported in the decision to participate or not.
Volunteers who wish to participate in Task days are required to Register their interest.

Bubbles & Bubble Registration
Volunteer Self Admin Requirements & Information
• Confirm that they and anyone in their household have no Covid -19 symptoms
• Leave the Task Day if they develop Covid -19 like symptoms and support NHS Track and Trace efforts and get themselves tested for Covid 19.
• Attend and engage in the Tool Box talk
• Maintain a 2 metre social distancing
• Provide their own:
• Drinks
• Snacks & Lunch
• Rubbish bag to remove your own rubbish
• Washing facilities for break and lunch times – i.e hand wipes / paper towels
• Hand sanitiser
• Face Mask (if they wish to use one)
• Bring along a minimal amount of personal belongings and bag
• Provide their own water proof covering for their personal belongings
• Clean with viricidal spray before and after use.
• Bring their allocated core set of Tools and PPE
Volunteers attending Task Days are required to:

• Volunteers are recommended to wash their task day clothing as soon as possible after the Task day completes, employing the hottest wash the clothes will stand. Clothes should not be shaken after being taken off.
• Toilets in the city’s parks remain closed
• Volunteers are not to enter Parks buildings unless they have been opened up following the unlocking the lockdown procedure.

Provision to core Tools and PPE to volunteers
• Hard Hat
• Goggles
• Gloves Pr.
• Long water proof gloves Pr.
• Red Gauntlet Pr.
• Lopper
• Bow saw 21inch
• Spare Bow saw blade
• Volunteers will be encouraged to marked their allocated tools for ease of recognition and prevent cross handling
• A Tool store loan sheet for each volunteer will be generated for tool loan control purposes only
• Volunteers will hold this core Tool & PPE set for the duration, cleaning, storing and transporting between task days
At the initial Task days for each Bubble – core tools and PPE will be issued to volunteers, unless they wish to supply their own. This tool and PPE set will include:
DPV Task Day Preparation and Conduct & First Aid Detail
For a detailed explanation of the conduct of a DPV Task Day and First Aid considerations to take into account Covid 19 Please see the Members Zone

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Derby Parks Volunteers (DPV) usually encourages and supports the involvement of new volunteers. Unfortunately during this time of a significant level of Covid-19 virus transmission, DPV has decided that the introduction of new volunteers at this time is not possible. Anyone who is interested in joining DPV should monitor the website for any change in this policy.
As soon as we consider the risk level is appropriate, we will be interested in your participation.